Friday, June 13, 2008

Switzerland - Interlaken

Interlaken is truly heaven on Earth. If you are a nature and peace loving person, you will simply love it. Inter-laken literally means 'in between two lakes'. Imagine a green piece of land in between two lakes and surrounded by mountains from all sides! That's Interlaken for you.

We went from Geneva to Interlaken using our Swiss Eurail pass for day 1. It took us approx. 4 hours to get there. Here are some of the pictures of Interlaken:

You can sense from the pictures, that it is an absolutely amazing serene place.

What to do in Interlaken?
Really for me Interlaken is more about relaxing and taking in the beauty of nature. Sit at a cafe with friends and just enjoy. It's about photography and long walks. But thats not all you can do here. If you are more adventurous type, you can go sailing, windsurfing and mountain hiking. Then there is the most famous trip to Jungfrau (Top of Europe) which we took, but it will come later in a different post.

Where to stay?
There are many hotels in Interlaken set in beautiful settings but we preferred staying in youth hostel, as we did through our entire Europe trip. The youth hostel in Interlaken is half an hour walk from the city center, set at the shore of Lake Brienze. There is internet access, table tennis and you can create your own bonfire at the hostel. Breakfast was as good as we had in any of the youth hostels all for CHF 31.00 per person per night. Here are some pictures of the hostel :

In the next post I will write more about Jungfrau and the adventures... :)

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