Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Switzerland - Mt. Titlis

We went to Mt. Titlis from Interlaken. Mt. Titlis is famous for having world's first revolving Cable Car. The truly panaromic car is not the only one in the world but it is certainly one of the most beautiful journeys. To reach Titlis you first have to reach the base station of Engleberg by train.

There are frequent trains from Lucerne and Zurich. Since we were staying in Interlaken, we took an early train from there to reach Engelberg. From Engelberg to Titlis is a three-leg cable car journey, Engelberg–Trübsee–Stand–Titlis, the last leg of which is the 'Rotair' or the Revolving Cable Car.

Here are a few pictures of the same:

We made the mistake of not checking the weather beforehand, so when we reached the top, the weather suddenly became very bad and we lost some precious time. But fortunately for us, the weather started clearing a bit and we could do the Ice Flyer over glacier.
Here are some more pictures of Titlis and the Ice Flyer:

Ice Flyer is an open cable car which sort of 'flies' over the glacier. It is a must do for all adventurous people. The main attractions of Titlis include:
  • Glacier Cave - checkout the glacier from inside
  • Ice Flyer - adventure adrenaline on an open cable car over the glacier
  • Glacier Park - rollick on snow tubes
  • Glacier Hike - explore the glacier on foot with a guide
  • See a panaromic view from the wind protected Toporama or the so called 'South Face Window'
Unfortunately for us, the Glacier Park was closed due to bad weather!

For latest prices check out: Titlis Prices

Restaurant in Titlis are good with an option of a complete vegetarian meal. I had a vegetable soup (served with bread) and a plate of a very good tomato pasta, all for CHF 16.00.

It was a very good trip to Titlis, with the rotating cable car and the ice flyer being the highlights for us.

If you have a Swiss Pass, the journey to Engelberg will be free for you. Further, you will get almost 50% discount on the cable car ticket. The ticket will cost you $52 whereas the full fare price is $98 (Please check the current prices).

More to come ... Lucerne and Zurich ...

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