Friday, May 23, 2008

Batu Caves and Sunway Lagoon

We came back from Genting Highlands to Kuala Lumpur (KL) and on the way stopped at Batu Caves.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a major tourist attraction in Malaysia and most of the tour operators ensure that you stop at Batu caves enroute to Genting or while coming back. There is a huge Shiv (a hindu god) idol in front of the caves. The insides of the caves is Ok. It could have been better if they had not built so many temples inside. I am sure without the temples, the place would have looked awesome.

Climbing the 170 odd stairs is no big deal but beware of hundreds of monkeys who will pounce on anything edible in your hand. If you have small kids with you, be extra careful. On the left you can see a picture of the shiv idol and behind the idol, stairs taking you up to the entrance of Batu caves.

The best part about Batu caves are the few shops/restaurants near the parking area which serve South Indian food at very reasonable prices. If you want to have reasonably good (not so spicy) and pretty cheap Indian food, do dig in.

From Batu caves we went directly to the exotic Sunway Lagoon.

Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon is a nice place to spend time with your family or even if you are on a honeymoon. The water park in Sunway Lagoon is simply wonderful. Its more of a theme park, with a huge wooden bridge crossing the various water parks and leading to some thrilling rides.
The major attractions of Sunway Lagoon are:
  • There are two hotels - Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa where we stayed and the more expensive Sunway Pyramid. Both the hotels are very good in terms of rooms and services
  • Theme Parks - Water parks with surf beach, water rides, extreme park etc.
  • Shopping Mall - There is a shopping Mall right next to Sunway Hotel Resort, in fact it's internally connected and there are many good restaurants in the mall
The photo on the right is that of theme park (water park) from my hotel room. You must enjoy the water park if you are there. Some tips for the same:
  • If you are staying at the hotel, make sure you carry towels from your hotel room (yes you can take those)
  • But make sure you take some cash with you, as you would need to rent a locker to keep your clothes etc. Each locker is 5 Rn each.

We took dinner at a restaurant in the Sunway Shopping mall called as 'Mantra'. The food is very good and the ambiance is excellent, but the prices are slightly on a higher side. But I would strongly recommend the restaurant if you want to have good Indian food in Malaysia.

The next morning we got a very good breakfast buffet spread at the hotel. Then we moved on to KL from there.

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