Monday, May 12, 2008

Genting Highlands

On the same trip (to Malaysia) we went to Genting Highland near KualaLumpur(KL). Genting is basically a hill top entertainment weekend getaway for the Malays and there is not much for tourists really. Genting has three primary attractions:

  1. Casinos: Casino de Genting is a nice place to burn some money :). It offers all international games be it Roulette, Blackjack, Poker etc. But the only problem is that there is nothing special to offer for the tourists. If you have been to casinos elsewhere, you can easily give it a skip.
  2. Theme parks: There are two theme parks in Genting: Indoor and Outdoor. The theme parks are opened from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (outdoor). The indoor one is opened until 12:00 midnight. The theme parks are really good and there is a lot to do for the kids. Even the adults can have their share of fun with a few thrill rides. But if you have been to any of the Disney parks' or to a good amusement/ theme park around the world, you can easily give this a skip.
  3. Ropeway: We took the ropeway to the top (even then you have to travel half of the distance by car) but took the car all the way down the next day. The ropeway journey is very scenic indeed and a delight for a photographer. But we were unlucky as it was a very cloudy day and the clouds were really low, so we couldn't enjoy the ropeway as much as we could have enjoyed otherwise.

Picture of the beautiful rope-way ride.

Otherwise, there is nothing much to do in Genting. Even if you plan to make a trip, make sure it is a single day trip. There are 5 good hotels (we stayed in the The First World Hotel), but if you can , do avoid staying over night, unless of course you wanna play at the casino all night long.
People on Honeymoon can give Genting a skip.

Tips for Genting:
  • It rains there most of the time - take umbrellas, raincoats etc.
  • Most of the places our interconnected in Genting... even the hotels you can move from one hotel to another easily but some places are not covered hence the umbrella is necessary
  • You need not stay overnight - best plan to go early morning and come back to KL in evening
  • Vegetarians - Do carry something, you might find it difficult to get something to eat
  • Ropeway is highly recommended but you need to take a call looking at the weather - the weather in Genting can be very different to that of KL, so be prepared!
Happy Traveling.

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