Sunday, May 4, 2008

Langkawi - Malaysia Day 2

I will began day 2 with this beautiful pic I took on day2 sunset:

But before I write about day 2, at the end of day 1 we had our dinner at a fabulous Thai restaurant "Barn Thai". The setting is unique as the restaurant is in the middle of a mangrove swamp. It's completely surrounded by marsh land and there is a wooden bridge connecting the restaurant to the main road. You have to walk (around 450 mts) on the bridge to get to it.

The swamp has a dense cover of large and small trees, shrubs and bushes all around. The trees are literally up-rooted - the roots are coming out on the surface, giving the whole place a creepy sort of a feel. For adventure lovers, this place is heaven. The restaurant has been built in such a manner that it really merges with its natural suroundings. You can see trees inside the place with even nests on it which means they haven't touched the flora at all. They have rather built the restaurant around it.

The food is good and they serve drinks as well. Though we are vegetarians and there was not much for us, but I am sure the non veggies will love the place. But even if you are a veggie you should go to the restaurant for the experience.

The next day we went for an Island hopping tour. We booked the tour through concierge at Berjaya. The tour picked us from the hotel at 10 and it took an hours drive close to Cenang beach (we also picked a couple of people from other hotels). Near the beach we boarded a Speed boat ( there were about 8 other people on the boat). We were told that we will go to two islands, the first of which is called "The Island of Pregnant Maiden" apparently because of the shape. The island has a fresh water lake and locals believe that a lady unable to conceive would be able to do so if she takes a dip in the lake. The second island is called "Pulau Payar" where we sent swimming in the sea. In between we also did Eagle Feeding.

Island of Pregnant Maiden
The island of pregnant maiden is a scenic island in the midst of all the 100 islands of Langkawi. It took us approx 40 mins to reach there by speed boat. The lake is beautiful and you may want to take your swimming gear, though if you dont want to take a dip, you can go pedal boating. The only problem on this island is there are lots of monkeys enroute from where the boat drops you to the lake. The monkeys will snatch at bags and eatables you carry. So I suggest you to take everything in a backpack and not to take out anything unless you reach the lake and same for the route back to the boat. Here are some pics:

Now you know why it's name! :)

Pulau Payar

We stayed at the beach and took a dip. You will get temporary beach shops which serve cold beer and drinks. So even if you don't carry anything to eat you can get chips, chocolates etc. Some pics:

Whenever I see this pic, it makes me want to go back and take a dip in the clear, cool sea water. :)

We came back from the Island hopping tour at lunch time (it took about 4 hours in all). The remaining half day we just roamed about in Langkawi, driving leisurely. We went to the Black sand beach where they have a small market as well and we bought some stuff there ( Yes, you can bargain hard!). Then we went to a beach on which we have the Four Seasons hotel. We spent some time on its beautiful white sand walking together hand in hand collecting shells and talking. It felt beautiful and so romantic. :)
Then later in the evening we went to the Cenang market. The entire street was lit up in beautiful lights. We had dinner at the Indian restaurant called as "Tulsi". The food was just ok. I would Tulsi a 2 on a scale of 5. Then we went back to Berjaya and left the rented car in Berjaya's parking.

Next day morning we had our breakfast and deposited the car keys at the reception. Our pickup was there to take us to the airport and then to KL. I did not want to leave Langkawi, for some reason I had fallen in love with the place. If given a chance I would love to go back and spent a week just lazying around at the beautiful beaches of Langkawi.

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